Chowk Branch

The Chowk Branch of Staford Preschool is located at Koneshwar Crossing opposite Lajpat Nagar in Lucknow. This was the first branch of Staford Preschool and is built on 2 floors. It has a capacity of 160 students and offers a bright, vibrant atmosphere in the learning spaces.

APARNA SINGH CH-PSCThe Chowk Branch is led by Aparna Singh. She has a vast experience of 19 years. She is a warm, accessible, enthusiastic & caring person. She is an excellent administrator who guides her team with great ability.

Aparna believes that education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world 

Staford Preschool Chowk

Latouche Road Branch

The Latouche Road branch is led by Aditi Sinha who has over 8 years of teaching experience. Her journey in education began with a deep rooted passion for nurturing young minds, which has grown stronger over the years. She plays a crucial role in ensuring that our youngest students have a smooth and enriching transition into their formal education.

Aditi SinhaAditi believes in creating a warm, supportive and stimulating learning environment where every child feels valued and encouraged to explore his/her potential. Her teaching philosophy centres around the idea that early education should be a joyful and adventurous journey. She incorporates a variety of interactive and hands- on learning activities that cater to diverse learning style, ensuring that each child is engaged and motivate.


Thakurganj Branch

The Thakurganj Branch of Staford Preschool is located in the Reliance Trends building opposite Manju Tondon Road in Lucknow. This branch has a capacity of 150 students and offers an open, spacious atmosphere for children to learn in.

ROOPALI AWASTHI Staford PSTKThe Thakurganj Branch is led by Ms. Roopali Awasthi with an enriching experience of over 19 years in the education sector.  She puts in her heart & soul in guiding and shaping each child at her center. As the Center Head, Roopali motivates her team to bring out their best for her smooth operations.

Roopali truly believes that not everyone has to do something big to make a difference, small initiatives done with love and care work wonders too.

staford preschool thakurganj2
Staford Preschool Thakurganj